Cancellation Policies

Tardiness & Cancellation Policies

Late Arrivals and Pick Ups

  • Caregivers are expected to drop off/ pick up their child in time for their session start/stop time.
  • Staff must be notified as soon as possible if you will be late for your appointment
  • Please call (727) 643-7695 to notify staff
  • If there are a number of late arrivals and pickups that exceed 15 minutes after your scheduled time, we may need to discuss this issue.
  • NOTE: Child will only be released to a custodial guardian or another caregiver with prior written consent form on file.

Cancellation and No Shows

  • All sessions are by appointment only
  • It is client’s responsibility to attend all scheduled appointments
  • A 24-hour notification is appreciated whenever possible
  • All cancellations MUST be made 2 hours before scheduled session
  • Please call (727)-643-7695 to notify staff
  • If prior notification is not received in a timely manner as stated, a NO-SHOW appointment will be marked
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